Our Services
Oil Change

Oil Change:Proper engine oil and regular service intervals are crucial for longevity. All oil changes come with a 26 point inspection free to Give our customer peace of mind.

Brake Service

Brake Service: When it comes to braking it comes to safety. Properly maintained brakes are essential to driving safely for both you and other drivers. Have a concern? Don't wait!

Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement: Is it time? We have been doing timing belt services on all makes and models since our doors have been open. Wha is a timing belt? How important is it? We are always here for any questions.

Pre-Purchase / Safety Inspection:

Pre-Purchase / Safety Inspection: Buying a vehicle or just need a general summary of its condition? For $70 We go through a 56 point inspection letting you know about anything that could be a concern.

Starter Replacement

Starter Replacement: Starters are nothing too major and if its not the starter itself we will find out. Just bring the vehicle down for a starting system test and we will find out!

Battery Replacement

Unfortunately If you've had a vehicle in the family for long time you will run into hopping in you vehicle and finding nothing to turn on and the vehicle won't start. Don't worry, we offer many choices for battery replacements with great warranty options.

Alternator Replacement

Alternator Replacement: A failed alternator can be frustrating. Any time an alternator fails and the battery dies you are also hurting the battery. Don't let it get to you just get to us!

Serpentine / Drive Belt Replacement

Serpentine / Drive Belt Replacement: When a drive belt fails you get other problems and they can be severe. Loss of power steering, battery dying, overheating ect. Get you belts service and recommended intervals and avoid the tow truck.

Spark Plug Replacement

Spark Plug Replacement: It has to be done. Letting spark plugs go past recommend service intervals can lead to a misfire, failing catalytic converters, and more. Keep the ignition system healthy and know your recommended mileage for spark plug replacements. Have a question? Give us a call!   

Water Pump Replacement

Your cooling system is essential for vehicle operation. A vehicle that overheats can lead to something as drastic as a new engine in worst case scenarios. See a leak? Noticing the vehicle run hot? Get the first appointment you can!

Fuel Pump Replacement

Fuel Pump Replacement: No fuel pressure no vehicle. We replace fuel pumps vehicle big and small. 

Radiator Replacement

If the water pump is the heart of the cooling system the radiator is like its kidneys. If the radiator isn't cooling properly or leaking coolant the vehicle will eventually overheat if not addressed and the engine could fail. Don't Risk your engine.

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement: Unfortunately over timing seals within the systems of vehicle do fail. Whether by time or another unfortunate possibility rubber, plastic, even metal will fail. When valve cover gaskets fail not only can it lead to larger oil leaks but other issue as well. Noticing a leak? Bring it in!

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Oxygen sensors monitor the efficiency or your engine and emissions. Have a concern give us a call!

Thermostat Replacement

Thermostat Replacement: Your cooling system is a vital system for your engine and a thermostat is a small but big component in that system. Let us take a look! 

Wheel Bearing / Wheel Hub Replacement

Wheel Hub Replacement: Hearing a rather displeasing noise? It almost sounds like its coming from one wheel but you just had your brakes done? Your wheel bearing or wheel hub depending on the vehicle could be the source of the issue and is not something you sound drive on as it can lead to other failures and an unsafe vehicle. Give us a call!

Axle / CV Shaft Assembly

Axle / CV Shaft Assembly: Your wheels are on your axles so generally they are a big concern and most people know that. Whether it be repair or replacement we can do it.

Power Window Switch

Is the weather getting nice but your window seems to be in hibernation whenever you push the button to roll it down? Its possible your Power Window switch has failed. If it be a window switch or anything inside of a door panel we can take care of it, just give us a call.